Call for Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    Emerging Technologies in Education and Technology in Teaching and Learning

    m-Learning: Mobile Applications and Technologies
    Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
    Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    Educational/Serious Games and Software
    Videos for Learning
    Simulation and Immersive Technologies
    Virtual and Augmented Reality
    Coding and Educational Robotics
    Artificial Intelligence in Education
    Educational metaverse
    Computer-Assisted Instruction
    Learning Analytics
    Digital Libraries and Repositories
    Open Universities and Distance Education
    Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
    Open Educational Resources
    User-Generated Content
    ICT and Digital Skills
    Social and Digital Media
    Digital Technologies and Resources for Learning
    Assistive Technologies and Accessible Resources
    e-Learning Experiences
    Advanced Classroom Applications and Technologies
    Online Assessment

    Innovative Teaching Methods and Learning Environment

    Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom
    Online/Virtual Laboratories
    Participatory teaching methods
    Game-based Learning and Gamification
    Project-based Learning
    Project-based learning
    Active and Experiential Learning
    learning community
    Collaborative and Problem-based Learning
    personalized learning
    Informal Learning
    Life-long learning
    Inquiry-based learning
    Differentiated learning
    Constructivist education
    Learning Space Design
    Practice-based professional learning
    Work-based learning
    Differentiated teaching
    Phenomenon-based learning
    Home schooling
    Thematic learning
    Universal Design for Learning
    Maker space

    New Trends and Experiences in Education & Educational Management

    Early Childhood Education
    Primary and Secondary Education
    Undergraduate Education
    Post-graduate Education
    Vocational Training
    Subject education
    International Projects and International Cooperation
    Teacher Training
    Joint Education and Research Programmes
    University Networks and Alliances
    Inclusive Learning, Cultural Diversity and Special Education
    Creativity and Design Thinking
    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    Education Practice Trends and Issues
    New challenges for the Higher Education Area
    ICT Skills Development
    Leadership and Educational Management
    New Experiences for Curriculum Design
    Multidisciplinary Studies
    Skill Needs of Labour Market
    Accreditation and Quality in Education
    Detection and Prevention of Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty
    Entrepreneurship Education
    University-Industry Cooperation
    Employability Issues and Trends
    Ethical Issues in Education
    Education for Sustainability
    Service-Learning and Community Engagement
    Instructional Design and Curriculum Priorities